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     The programs we provide have been carefully designed under our own methodology that encourages and promotes self-directed and deep learning, at the same time it stimulates the development of soft skills and inherent abilities to each particular academic area.


        Our programs are not limited to "school materials", they involve human development so that Home Education becomes a whole lifestyle.


       Since every family is unique and possess  particular dynamics, beliefs and goals, our programs are completely adaptable to your family dynamics and not the other way around; In the end, it will be you who decide the best way to carry it out based on the particular interests and needs of each of your children.



Little explorers of the world hungry to know about everything that surrounds them, learn and grow.

Varios (71).png
Varios (71).png

Super adventurers of the world ready to delve into various areas of knowledge through research.

Future professionals in search of that activity that fills their days with joy and gives meaning to their effort.

Varios (66).png

Little ones ready to make the leap into the world of letters, through reading and writing.

Varios (73).png

Great connoisseurs of the world prepared to experiment and put their skills and knowledge into practice.

Varios (71).png
Varios (71).png

Lovers of knowledge and self-directed learning based on personal tastes and preferences.

Varios (20).png

(3 to 5 years)


They are designed to promote a playful learning environment where creativity, music, free play, arts, imagination, nature, family and daily life are the main means by which children can develop and enhance their natural abilities, promoting comprehensive personal growth that encompasses both their self-esteem and emotional maturation, as well as motor skills, logical and mathematical thinking, language skills and knowledge of the environment and  society.



It is a program 100% based on the learning and development of Literacy and Mathematical Logical Thinking.

     Through playful and creative activities, it approaches and encourages the little ones to introduce themselves to the world of reading, at the same time that they are developing and reinforcing not only their reading skills, but also comprehension, writing and reasoning; In this way, they will be able to advance in the following stages with firm steps and strong foundations that fill them with confidence.

Varios (69).png

(6 years)

Varios (21).png

(7 - 12 years)


This programs propose monthly projects where guided by curiosity, fun and experimentation, children approach academic knowledge in a practical way, while developing their skills and fostering personal growth.

    Our methodology fosters the development of their ability to self-direct their learning and manage their time, allowing parents to maintain a role of companions and advisers instead of full-time teachers.



They present a central theme to work on as a project under our methodology and allow young people to fully develop their abilities to research, understand, and synthesize a theme.

     These projects encourage exploration and experimentation, creativity and the correct use of digital tools to learn about digital tools and make known their theme.

Varios (22).png

(13 - 15 years)



They offer our young people the opportunity to learn about and experience various areas of professional development, bringing them closer to the requirements and skills needed in each of them, thus analyzing the "pros" and "cons" that they represent for them.

Varios (67).png

(16 to 18 years)

Varios (23).png

(For all ages)


These programs are ideal for those who do not wish to follow a pre-defined work pattern.

       In this modality you can choose to work with any of our projects (by theme) not regarding the "school grade" or a specific curriculum.     


     The free curricula programs also allow you to choose a topic outside of our list and design one taking as a starting point the particular interests of the little ones.

  • Choose a topic.

  • We design your project under our methodology.

  • You work with it at home.


     It must be assumed that although the program facilitates self-directed learning, the presence and commitment of any parent is essential at any Home Education program, especially at the Initial and Basic levels.

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