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   Kalipay is an Integral Program for Home Education based on Projects, not limited to academic learning but to an integral human formation.


     Our methodology is designed to support families who seek to provide a different education to their children where the most important thing is the family, values and love of learning.

       Home Education requires  a big compromise and devotion from the whole family and sometimes it can be overwhelming to think of fulfilling all personal, family, social and labor obligations while exercising the role of educational guide.

This is why Kalipay offers you all our experience to guide you in this adventure through:

  • Contents and materials created especially for home education.

  • Talks and workshops for the whole family.

  • Guide and personalized accompaniment that will help you organize and obtain the best results for your entire family.

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All of our programs are accredited!

      Our methodology and programs are accredited by Royal Hollow Academy, an umbrella school located in the state of Florida, United States. This allows you to accredit your learning through revalidation of subjects and knowledge.

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